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"There is nothing that can’t be done as a collective force in 52 weeks or one year, moving as one single unit, if we are doing it together."

Us moving in one direction, consciously and collectively chosen, is truly needed for us to reach the desired goal.There must be an accepted understanding within the female gender, spoken aloud or in our actions, saying, that which we want will be done.

It is necessary for us to get the book 52 Weeks, Words of Inspiration, A Book for the Female Gender to the female population of this country and the world.  We must inform the global female population that they must get together.  Right now, there are thousands of groups fighting for the same thing “feminine self-awareness and personal empowerment,” but this fight is being fought on many fronts. We will not dismiss any of these efforts, but we know if these movements are not moving as one, in one direction, with one uncompromising goal, many of these groups will turn on one another.

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