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A change must come from the light called femininity.

The changing power of the female is humanity’s salvation.

In change there is hope for all.

Thus, the revolution of change must sit at the table with us.

Because there is power in change that only the feminine gender can deliver


When you think about it, the changing wind is blowing out of necessity.

Knowing, when change come all of humanity will understand.

To change is to live according to God, nature, and the natural order.

We need not change our hearts and minds, we need to be better as ourselves.

And understand, we are the change that cannot change, as we are the change.

Our goal is to bring the global female gender together as egalitarian for the good and the perpetuity of the future.  We must look at the past and realized if we continue traveling the path we are on, there may not be a future to travel towards.  We as the true power of our species, must do what is necessary to cause the future to be a reality.

The Umojakhwest is an organization calling to the unspoken truth, in the power of the global feminine population to come together as one movement, moving in the same common direction, as a necessary initiative to cause the changing of the humanistic guards from male to female; to give the world and the children and the children of the children they will bring forth a future and a world to live in.

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